Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

We live in an absolutely beautiful world.  As a crafter, I'm an advocate of limiting waste and maximizing resources to reduce my negative impact on the world while filling it with more beautiful things.  In honor of Earth Day, I'm posting links to projects I've done over the past year that I feel contribute to a lifestyle Mother Nature would be proud of.

Think Green and Be Fabulous, my friends!

Celery Snack Packs
Why buy those expensive and wasteful snack packs at the grocery store?
Take 5 minutes to make your own.

Crocheted Napkin Rings
This is a great use for excess yarn.  If you don't have enough to complete another project, try this one!  It's colorful and a great conversation piece.

Picture Frame To-Do List
Do you have a picture frame just sitting around your house?
Put it to work as a dry-erase to-do list.

Felt Leaf Garland
I don't know about you, but I accumulate a ton of felt scraps.
Keep them throughout the year and make a vibrant felt leaf garland.

Tied Ribbon Garland
On the same note as felt, I always have a ton of fabric scraps.
If you aren't a quilter, theses scraps can be put to work as a tied ribbon garland.
Great project for little hands too!

Soup Can Bats
Fall = Soup = Soup Can = Awesome Bat

Tie Projects
Ties get old, stained and go out of style.
Check out a handful of projects to repurpose and upcycle them!

Ultimate Drain Cleaner
I'm a fan of minimizing chemicals when cleaning.
This natural drain cleaner will blow your mind.

Wine Rack Yarn Holder
Sometimes you have spare items lying around your house...
like a wine bottle holder.

Idea Binders
Do you have hoards of magazines sitting around your house that should be recycled?
Create idea binders to hold the articles you want to keep - recycle the rest!

Pringles Cans + Scrapbook Paper = Cute Storage.

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