Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Safety Pin Bracelet - Refashioned

I've seen a very vibrant safety pin bracelet floating around on Pinterest and while this particular bracelet isn't my style, I thought, "Hey Jen, you have a container FULL of random beads.  Surely you can find something to use."  And boy, did I!

These are really easy bracelets to make and they certainly don't look like safety pins when you are done.  

Safety Pins {Used: roughly 75 1/8" safety pins.  I have very thin wrists.  I suggest buying about 100}
Stretchy Jewelry Cord
Glass Beads
Super Glue

1.  String beads onto pins.  I {of course} wanted to create a pattern, so I worked on five different pin patterns.  Do what moves you.

2.  Once all done, establish your pattern.

3.  Cut a 2" piece of cord.

4.  Start stringing!  Create an end by feeding the cord through both holes in one safety pin - this will be your "end".  Don't worry, you won't see it when you're done.
 String on pins going head to tail.  This allows the pins to puzzle piece together rather than having the heads all on one side - making it really uneven.
 Keep going until it's long enough to fit around your wrist.

5.  Tie off your end.  To finish, just feed the cord through the holes of the opposing side holes and tie ends in a knot.  This will create a fully connected bracelet.
 Add a dab of super glue on your knot for good measure.
 And sport your fabulous jewels!

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