Cross Stitch Gallery

My absolute favorite crafting skill is cross stitching.
I find the intricate nature of it calming and the intense focus required helps me relax.
Below are some of my favorite projects that I've completed over the years.
Be sure to check back to see what projects I've been up to!

 Peaceful Silhouette

 Thanksgiving Handtowel

Tropical Scenery

 Shiver Me Timbers

1776 Handtowel

Hocus Pocus Recipe Book Cover
(Designed by Joan Elliott)


  1. I love your crossstitch gallery as well...I do a lot of Paula Vaughn designs...think I'm going to finish a project today as soon as I get done with my fall door wreath project.

    1. Thank you so much, Laticia! I love cross stitching - each piece is a mini work of art. :)


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