Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upcycle: Cupcake Liner Holder

I was packing up our kitchen for the big move and I came across a hoard of cupcake liners.  I don't bake a lot but I love the look of them and they are lovely on display in a glass jar.  Somehow, I've accumulated a good amount of them.

In dire need of a packing solution, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, cupcake liners are round... Pringles cans are cylindrical {yes, I used the word cylindrical}... perhaps we can make some magic."

After eating an entire can of Pringles, magic did happen.  Check out this ultra-easy cupcake liner holder made from a Pringles can.
Pringles Can {empty and wiped out with a moist papertowel... do not get it fully wet... it is cardboard}
12" x 12" Scrapbook Paper
Double-Sided Tape {Optional: Scotch Tape or Glue}
Paper Cutter

1.  Cut scrapbook paper to 12"x by 7.5".

2.  Lie face down and line edges with double-sided tape.

3.  Carefully line up edge to top and bottom of can.  Wrap full can with paper and push down on tape to secure.  If your paper is a little thick, you may want to use an additional adhesive, like Scotch Tape or glue.

4.  Place cupcake liners in Pringles can.

***In honor of full disclosure, I had two sizes of cupcake liners - standard grocery store size and a smaller size from Crate & Barrel.  The smaller sizes from Crate & Barrel fit perfectly.  The larger ones went in a little crooked, but I didn't want to force them to fit and ultimately, mess up their shape.  So the Pringles can solution is a great option but not perfect.  Don't get frustrated if your liners don't stack perfectly inside.

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