Friday, March 8, 2013

Office Supplies Organizer

Sometimes... it just so happens...
A girl accumulates a lot of office supplies.
Especially when this particular girl is very OCD. 

A contributing factor is five years of college.  One seems to collect quite a few file folders, dividers, labels, etc.  Unfortunately, these materials were scattered about the house in various bins and boxes.  When needed, it was too tremendous of a job to dig through the storage bins to find what I was looking for - so I would just go to the store and buy whatever I needed.

Not anymore!

Using a filing bin from Target, I've used office supplies... to organize my office supplies.  Very convenient, compact and clean.  Just the way my little OCD heart likes it!
I spent $10 on a bin.  So worth it!
Check out this mess of office supplies.  Yes, this is real.
Organize by type.
Create list and label.
My Categories
Notebook Paper (Loose-Leaf)
Tab Dividers
Sheet Protectors
File Folders

So pretty!
I put the printable divider tabs in an envelope for safe keeping.
Again, convenient, clean and compact.
Happy OCD Organizing!


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  2. Great idea! I totally need to do this -- there is a huge container of office supplies in my home's basement that needs to be organized!

  3. It's very interesting way to organize office actually I organize my office files by categories because if you have files for different parts of your business then this is good method. Office Supply Store

  4. Just want to say I love your blog! I'm always browsing the web for organization and crafting tips and they're always the same, there's never anything for these extra bits that can really clutter an office or craft room! Your kitchen plan and pumpkin binder... Exactly the kinda stuff I've been needing =)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you find it helpful! Stay tuned - I have much more to come!

  5. Good ideas you have here. This will help you become more productive. I'm sure this'll be helpful for my office in Ayala Tower One. Thanks for sharing!


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