Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hanging Tin Can Bats

Spook-up your outdoor Halloween decor with these
Hanging Tin Can Bats
made from upcycled soup cans.

Time Needed: 45 minutes

Empty Soup Can (Remove Label)
Nail (two sizes)
Black Floral Wire
Black Spray Paint
Black Stiff Felt
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun


1.  Using larger nail and hammer, create bat eyes and nose.  Also create holes on both sides of can for hanging wire to be put through.

2.  Using smaller nail and hammer, create bat fangs.

3.  In a well-ventilated space outside, paint entire can with black spray paint.  Don't forget the bottom!

4.  After can is completely dry, cut floral wire to desired hanging size.  Feed through holes on either side of can and wrap around itself.  If you have small children, I recommend taping over exposed wire ends as they will be sharp.

5.  Using cardstock, create a bat wing stencil.  I free-handed mine, but you can easily print a design onto cardstock from a computer.  Remember to create a tab on the body edge of the wing to more easily attach to the can.

6.  Trace stencil onto stiff black felt and cut out shapes.

7.  Fold back tabs and hot glue wings to sides of cans.

8.  Allow to dry and hang!

 **TIP:  Hammer the nail all the way through the can surface to ensure a wide-open hole.  This will make it easier for light to come through and will more easily show your design.  REMEMBER!  Inside of can will be sharp from holes.
***TIP:  Using LED lights instead of tealights is safer and will last longer on Halloween night.  :)

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