Monday, October 29, 2012

Pillowcase Pumpkin Ghosts

Oh yes, it's a mouth full. 
Pillowcase Pumpkin Ghost.
But check out this {wildly}easy, quick and inexpensive project I did this weekend.

I have trouble coming up with outdoor decorations that won't melt or fall apart in the Arizona "Fall" sun.  I was suddenly inspired when I saw these plastic pumpkin treat buckets for $1.  Add a pillowcase and some cheesecloth - BAM!  You're done!  The total cost of this project is less than $10 for 2.

Pumpkin Treat Bucket
White Pillow Case
Cheesecloth {I reused from a failed ghost from last year - you can buy cheesecloth at JoAnn}
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
LED Flameless Candles

1.  Scrunch up your pillowcase so the short-side seam creates a bottom.  This will make it easy to glue the pillowcase to the bottom of the bucket without having a "glue vs. fabric" battle.

2.  Turn your pumpkin bucket upside down and carefully apply hot glue around the rim.  Place the outside of the pillowcase on pumpkin bucket - being sure to center it along the seam.  Your hand should be touching the inside seam of the pillow case.

3.  Flatten out pillowcase and use scissors to cut strips up the body - about 3/4 up the pillowcase.  The more rigid and rough it is... the creepier.  I had 8 strips when I was done.  I also chose to leave the fold-over seam intact so there would be weight on the bottom and not cut the corners so he has little arms.  Set aside.

4.  Lay cheesecloth flat on table and cut 7 strips - mine were about 3-4 inches wide.  Again, the more rough the better.  These will go in between the pillowcase strips.

5.  Turn pumpkin bucket upside down and flatten out the strips of pillowcase.  You should be looking at the underside of your bucket.  {Mine looked like an octopus!}

Take one strip of cheesecloth and hot glue it to the pillowcase along the same rim you glued the pillowcase too.  Avoiding the middle will ensure your ghost doesn't hang down flat and has body to it.  I doubled up the glued material so if wind comes along, the cheesecloth stands a chance.

 Continue gluing your strips all around your bucket.  Flip your ghost right-side out.  You should be able to see cheesecloth among the pillowcase strips.

 6.  Insert LED lights and hang!

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