Wednesday, October 10, 2012

City Tavern - Philadelphia, PA

While visiting Philadelphia this week, my husband and I were fortunate to celebrate our first anniversary at City Tavern. If you don't know the history of City Tavern, in short, it's been a staple in Philadelphia since 1773 surrounded by lore of colonial times. There are tales of the Continental Congress meeting to debate here and George Washington celebrating his inauguration in the restaurant. So, um, awesome.

We shared a delicious (and adventurous, for us) meal. We started with bread from a centuries old recipe and tomato basil soup. Admittedly, the soup was a little thick - more like spaghetti sauce than soup, but was still amazing on a chilly, rainy evening. My husband had the rack of lamb and I had the roasted duckling - both pure perfection. We finished the evening with the Martha Washington Chocolate Cake. Also, if you go, try their original recipe beers. Our favorite was the Ben Franklin, close second was the Alexander Hamilton.

We also purchased the City Tavern cookbook at the restaurant. Now, this book is available all over the city. However, if you purchase at the tavern, Chef Walter Staib autographs your copy.

In conclusion, the City Tavern is a delicious take on Philadelphia cuisine and unique experience.

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