Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Cookbook

Over the past few years, I have collected quite a handful of recipes relating to specific holidays.  They are theme-y and usually contain ingredients in-season during that particular time of year.  Therefore, in my mind, it didn't make sense to keep these recipes in the hoard of cookbooks and recipe organizers that I use year round.  It also seemed like a great opportunity to play with holiday-themed craft supplies.

This project is for my glorious Halloween Cookbook {other holidays to follow}.  So gather your Halloween recipes and craft supplies... and let's get... cookin!

Here's What You Do

Create and cover your binder.
Remember that hot glue isn't very good at sticking to plastic,
so I suggest tacky glue and a bit of patience.

Find the recipes you would like to save and cut out.

Use a paper cutter to clean up any edges and make smaller.

Use embellishments and glue to stick to decorate your page.

 Put into sheet protector {saves it from cooking mess}.

 And enjoy!!!

Here are some other pages I have created.

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