Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Tool Box

For the first few years of dedicated pumpkin carving,
I repeatedly purchased the $5 carving sets
that came with a book of templates.

Don't get me wrong - I love these sets.
{As you will soon see}

However, as my skills began to expand, I realized that some tools
are better replaced with more robust tools.
Even for beginners, some of these tools will make your life a whole lot easier.

That being said, here is what you need to build a
pumpkin carving tool box.

First, buy a plastic bin to hold your stuff.
Mine is a scrapbooking notions holder from Michaels.
There is no need to buy a new carving kit every year if you don't have to.
Wash off your tools and save them from year to year.
I slip my tool box in with my Halloween decorations
for storage throughout the year.

Here's what you need.
The only item not shown is a roll of Scotch Tape.

Seriously, just buy the $5 kits.
I've seen people go to Lowe's or Home Depot to buy mini saws.
No.  Just buy the $5 kits and replace when necessary.
They get the job done, so don't spend a ton of extra money
getting the serious ones from hardware stores.

Some people like spoons.  Some like hands.
I prefer the $5 kit scoopers with teeth on the end.
The teeth help with all the veins on the inside of the pumpkin,
plus it has that convenient thumb ledge in the middle for good grip.

Hole Punchers
The two orange tools are from the $5 kits. 
The silver pointed needle is from a clay crafting kit. 
I prefer the silver one over the other two to punch through my designs.
It's easier to hold and the holes are more defined.
However, the orange ones are safer for kid use.
Silver for mom and dad.
Orange for kids.

Clay Shapers
These are also from a clay crafting kit.
These are great for free-handing or filling in large scraped designs.

Sometimes you just need to clear away the mess.
You will also need this for wetting paper templates
to mold around your pumpkin.
{Included in a clay crafting kit}

This is my favorite tool now that I've moved on to designs
that require scraping or detailing the front of the pumpkin.
Incredibly simple to use and comes with 5 different blades.
Even better, all of the blades are stored in the body of the tool.

"But Jen, where do I get this stuff?"
Well, I'm glad you asked!

You can get a clay crafting kit at most craft stores.
{I got mine at Michaels for about $6-7.}
You will have a few items in the kit you don't need for pumpkin carving
but who knows when you'll need the other items.

 As for the Linoleum Cutter,
I had to purchase mine online through Amazon.
Here's a convenient link just for you.

Other Items You May Consider:
Mellon Baller
Old Knives
Hole Saws

What else would you add to a Pumpkin Carving Tool Box?


  1. Thank you so much for this post!
    I have been searching for a good suggestion for tools for pumpkin carving but apparently nobody else wants to share their secrets...thank you for not hoarding all the pumpkin carving tool secrets!
    Off to go make my own box. :)

  2. Thank you, Will most or all, work with the artifical ones as well?

    1. Hi Siretha,
      While I have never personally used them, I have seen other crafters use the small saws and the Speedball Linoleum Cutter on faux pumpkins. I've also seen people use power tools, such as drills and Dremels. It really depends on the material and thickness of the pumpkin. Ask an associate the store where you're purchasing what they would recommend.
      Thank you,


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