Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celery Snacks

Like most people in America, I work a desk job.
And at this desk job I find myself snacking.
A lot.
It's never on good stuff, either.
Or cheap stuff.

For less than $5 and 10 minutes on a Sunday,
I prepare celery snacks for my entire week. 
Can you believe they sell these at stores?!
Save yourself the money!
And make a healthier choice!

Get some celery.
Pull off the number of stalks you want. 
My snack packs contain two stalks a day.
 Rinse will cool water.
Trim off both ends.

 Carefully cut down the middle of the stalk, long way.
 Chop into "snack size" pieces. 
 Use that Tupperware to store!
 What's a celery snack without peanut butter?
 I use about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter per snack pack.

Store celery snack packs in fridge.
Peanut butter in the fridge?  Really?
When it thaws out at work, it'll be extra creamy.

Enjoy your week at work!
Make healthy decisions!

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