Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinspiration Friday: Home Decor Helpers

Home decor and design can be tough.  
Whether you want your house to look like it popped out of magazine
or you just want to make it more comfortable and functional,
here are three of my favorite home decor resources
I've found on Pinterest.

The All-Inclusive
This site has everything from window dressings to seating arrangements.
The graphics are also great for print-outs too!

Window Dressings - From a Drapery Company!
Talk about a fabulous resource - straight from the experts!
All the styles and terms of beautiful window dressings.

Home Decor on a Small Budget
Created by
This info graphic is fabulous for those on a tight budget who want to make big changes.

Find more home decor ideas
on my Home{made} Pinterest board.
Happy Pinspiration Friday!

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