Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dry Erase To Do Board

Looking for a quick way to get organized?

This Dry Erase To Do Board is a fast and inexpensive way
to keep yourself on task.

I love this board because I can change the back paper with
the seasons or if I ever change the theme of my craft room
with minimal effort and expense.

So... do you want to get organized?

Here's What You Do
1.  Grab a spare picture frame, a piece of scrapbook paper,
a paper cutter and a dry erase marker.

2.  Cut paper to fit frame.

3.  Remove back of frame and remove display sheet.

4.  Place your paper in face down.
Make any adjustments as needed.

5.  Put frame back together.

 6.  You're done!
Make your list
and get to work!

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