Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Library


Yesterday, I welcomed you into my home and shared with you my Book Cover Art wall from my library.  I received a number of messages from people asking to see the rest of my library.  Some stated they wanted to see why we picked such a colorful art display.  Others, that they wanted to see what "a lot of books" actually meant.  So, here is our household library!  I hope it inspires you to buy more books, explore the worlds in those books, and create your own library in your home.

 The Shelves
Our shelves are decorated with various items 
that we love.  We have fit them in using a method I can only
describe as "Better Homes & Gardens" style.  
Our shelves are filled with clocks, pictures, and family artifacts.
You'll also find statuettes and souvenirs from vacations.

Our library also serves as our game storage.
We have stashed various games among our books
and stacked them around the room.
We love games and are happy to utilize them
as decoration - plus it's easy access!
Oh yes, that's a Lego dinosaur.
 (Yes, I know the top of my chest needs some love.
Still doing research - Can't wait for that project!)

 We have a beautiful set of linen chairs from Macy's.
They are home to my Tie Pillow and Blazer Pillow.
 Nestled close up together in the corner, this is our
favorite place in the house to chat.
Other Artwork in the Room
Finally, our other artwork is just as colorful as the books,
game sets, and book covers.  
You remember these, right?
If you would like to know how to create these,
please see my Melted Crayon Art tutorial.
And of course, the Book Cover Art wall.  

Do you have a home library?
Small space, large room...
Every book has a home!
I would love to what your library looks like!
Send me an email at
and I will share my favorite library spaces.

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  1. I am so many different levels of envy for this library. I think I might be physically turning green right now.

    You should submit it to that bookporn tumblr!

    Happy weekend,


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