Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No-Sew Fleece Pillow

No-Sew Fleece Pillows are a fabulous project for anyone of any skill level.  They require minimal materials and only take about 45 minutes to complete.  I love making these to give as gifts.  I can pick the fleece I want to use and give a one of kind, personal gift.  Plus, they are oh-so-soft and perfect for napping!

2 yards of Fleece (1 yard of each side)
Pillow Form (Used: 16"x16")
Straight Pins
Fabric Scissors
Measuring Tape

1.  Prep your fleece.  Fleece comes with a hem along one edge.  You need to cut this off and discard.

2.  Layer your fabric.  Fleece (like any material) stretches differently depending on how you pull.  Test the stretch of your fabric.  To do this, just hold the fabric between both hands and tug.  It will either be very stretchy or be a little resistant.  Just trust me... do it.  Do this to both pieces of fleece.  Layer the pieces with the stretchiness going in opposite directions.  This will keep the fleece from stretching too far and make your fringe look even around the outside.

Also, do not forget to make sure the proper side of the fleece is facing outward.  Fleece with a design is a little obvious.  Solid colored fleece is not - however, just choose the side that is softer to your touch.

Line up your edges.

3.  Measure out your fabric.  Add 10 inches to the measurement of your pillow.  For a 16"x16" pillow, you will need to measure 26" of fabric.  {Going forward in this tutorial, I will use these measurements.  Please adjust for your own project.}

4.  Measure in 26 inches and place a straight pin marking the end along both edges.  Measure inward from the edges to the same measurement to create a square.  Always pin on the outside of the desired measurement - better to have more fabric than not enough.

5.  Cut along the outside of your pins to create your square of fabric. 

6.  Now, it's time to do your corners.  Working from your first corner, measure in 4 inches from each edge.  Use pins to mark.  I used 2 pins per side of my little square to make sure it stays.  Remove the pins you used in steps 4-5 from the true corner of the fabric.  Repeat this for all four corners.  Finally, cut your corners out.  Remember to cut on the edge side of your pins - not the inside!  What you are left with looks like a giant + or an old fashioned pharmacy symbol.

7.  Pin across fabric from corner to corner to create new edge.  Your pins should be 4 inches from the edge of the fabric.  You will need a lot of pins for this.  Pin all four sides.  Remove the pins from step 6.  At this point, you should not have pins on the outer flaps of your + shape.

8.  Cut your fringe.  Lay your measuring tap along the edge of your fabric.  Cut every 1 inch wide.  Complete your cut all the way to your pins.  Therefore, your fringe should be 1 inch wide x 4 inches long.  Please do not stress over making them exactly this measurement.  You will just want to be in the ballpark.  Cut all four sides.

9.  Tie your fringe together.  Simply take the bottom piece of the fringe and the top and tie using a simple knot.  Double knot each piece of fringe.  Do this for every fringe along 3 sides.  Do not do your fourth side... it will be awfully hard to get your pillow in if you do.  :)
Remove all pins.

*If you experience an issue with the fabric bunching up as you tie, just give the fleece a light tug.  It will stretch the fleece and realign it.

 10.  Stuff in your pillow and tie up the remaining side. 
 You're done!

If your pillow ended up a bit tight (not enough fabric?), don't fret!  Fleece will stretch out over time.  Just enjoy your beautiful pillow!

Ideas for Use:
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Pop Warner / Youth Football Team Gifts
Little League Team Gifts
Sports Team Gifts
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