Sunday, September 2, 2012

Decorating with Fabric Flowers

On Friday, I posted some of my favorite fabric flower tutorials.
But what to do with them?

We have all seen fabric flower accessories.
{Hair Clips, Belt Adornments, Necklaces}
But what about decorating with fabric flowers?

All over the internet you will find pictures of 
fabric flowers on wreaths and lampshades. 

However, if you don't have the time to take on these projects
or don't have the crafty hand,
you may not be inclined to create these decorative pieces.

Below I have put together some easy and quick
fabric flower decorations
ideal for any home and any decorator!

These types are also great for seasonal decorating!

Picture Frame
Simply adhere the flower either permanently (with hot glue)
or temporarily (with strong tape) to the edge of a picture frame.

Napkin Ring
Add a little flare to your dinner party or general placesetting
by attaching fabric flowers to napkin rings.
Again, you can either adhere permanently (with hot glue)
or temporarily (with strong tape or glue dots) to the napkin ring.
This would look especially great on unfinished napkin rings
from any craft store.  

 Candle Vase
I love decorating my candle vases for the different seasons.
This orange flower is a great addition to a fall-themed ribbon.

Decorate centerpieces with an unexpected floral element.
Simply lay in with other elements.

Take an otherwise plain pillow and add a dash of classy elegance.
Best part - they are just safety pinned on!

 Fabric flowers are a fast way to added seasonal decor
or add a bit of soft elegance around the house.

What other ideas can you come up with?


The above fabric flowers can be purchased
{in various sizes and colors}

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