Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Make Picture Charms

Every time I have cruised Etsy, I came across gorgeous picture charms for necklaces.  They are so organic, stylish and personal.  For a fee, you can send your personal photos to an artisan, they'll print it to create your charm and viola!  You have a personal gift.

But I ask you... why pay others to do for you what you can do for yourself?

These charms are fabulously easy and inexpensive to make - you just have to have the right materials and a small dose of patience.  Even better, they make amazing personalized gifts!

Glaze {Used: Sun and Moon Craft Kits; $1.50-22.00 - a small bottle goes a looong way!}
Pendant Tray and Glass {Used: Sun and Moon Craft Kits; $0.55 and $0.25}
Necklace Chain {Used: Sun and Moon Craft Kits; $0.60}
Nail File
Photo or Magazine*

*You can use a number of photo material for these charms - however, be sure to use THICK materials.  Meaning, do not use magazine pages - they are much too thin and will wrinkle while drying.  Magazine covers work really well, as do calendars and photo paper.

1.  I decided to use this vibrant cover of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  Take time to evaluate your piece and find your perfect position.
 A good way to approach this is to take your glass cover and use it as your "lense".  Move it around until you have your perfect location.
 Use a pen to either outline all the way around your glass or, as I did, create little brackets to be your guide.  Do not rely on your memory to ensure you get exactly what you wanted.  Better safe than sorry.
 Happy?  Time to move on.

2.  Apply a THIN layer of glaze to your glass and place.
 You will have a little overflow - that's okay.  Just make sure you don't have any air bubbles trapped under you glass.

Take a few moment to ensure the glass stays in place - do not move your materials for at least the next hour!  It may cause the glass to shift or invite air bubbles into the glaze.

3.  Allow to dry 12-24 hours.  Overnight is best to ensure your glaze and paper are thoroughly dry.

4.  Cut glass piece out of paper - as close to glass as possible.

 5.  Chances are you have some overhang of paper and leftover glue.  Use your nail file to file away paper and glue.  Test the glass piece's fit by laying it in your pendant tray.  Not sliding all the way in?  Keep filing.  Once all of your edges are smooth and of the proper size, the glass piece will slide right into your pendant tray.

 6.  Ready to go?  Apply a light layer of glue to your pendant tray.  You don't need to fill the entire tray, just enough so it will spread once you place the glass piece.

Allow to dry 1 hour before wearing.

Gorgeous, right?  For the cost of a small bottle of glaze, the pendant tray and the necklace ($3.00 + shipping), you can create beautiful personalized gifts.

I am in love with Sun and Moon Craft Kits - not only are their products of a great quality, they are super fast in shipping!  They have a huge variety of styles and materials too.  Check them out!

** This post is not sponsored by nor affiliated with Sun and Moon Craft Kits.  The reviews and recommendations herein are solely of the author's own fair opinion.

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