Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Felt Leaf Garland

I love Fall.  I also love felt.  You can only imagine my excitement when I found a way to marry the two.  I picked natural autumn colors and it turned out far better than expected.  This felt leaf garland is a very easy project and can be done in no time at all.

{In case you are wondering, the subway art in the picture is from the fabulous ladies over at Eighteen 25.  You can download it here.}

Felt {Used: 9"x12" sheets}
Fabric Scissors
Large Needle

1.  Cut your felt.  I first cut my felt "long ways" into 2" wide strips.  Then I cut the strips into 3" long pieces.  You will have a stack of rectangle pieces of felt.  Remember, these do not have to be exact, just in the ballpark.  Leaves aren't perfect.

2,  Cut out your leaf shapes.  Again, don't worry about making these exact.  You just want to get the same general shape.  I had some that were skinny, some were fat.
 Look!  I made fall in Arizona!!!

3.  I organized my leaves and created a pattern of color.

4.  Cut your yarn to length.  Figure out how long you want your garland to be and add 8 inches.  This will give you enough of a tail on both ends to hang your finished garland.

 5.  Thread your needle.

 6.  Stitch through your leaves by weaving the needle through your material.
Pull the leaf through the entire length of your yarn until you reach the end.  I tied a knot at the end to make sure I didn't go too far and the leaves wouldn't slip off.

7.  Keep threading until you have completed your whole garland.

 8.  Hang and marvel at your craftasticness. :)

As you could probably guess, this project is really easy to do in bulk.  I used two sheets of felt in each color {total of 14 sheets} and was able to make two 24 ft long garlands (one for work and one for home) and three 1 ft garlands that I wrapped around candle vases.  I certainly got great mileage out of the $10 I spent.

 Inspired by: A Beautiful Mess

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