Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mod Podge Napkin Rings

These Mod Podge Napkin Rings are a fast way to add a festive, homemade touch to your Thanksgiving table.  I love that you can personalize quickly and keep your motif all together.  I love some matchy-matchy decor.  Do you have about 20 minutes?  Great!  Here's what you do!
Wood Napkin Rings
Sand Paper
Brown Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Scrapbook Paper
Leaf Paper Punch
Matte Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Paper Towels

1.  Prep your napkin rings by gently sanding them until smooth.  Don't forget the inside of your ring as splintered wood may snag napkin material.

2.  Paint outside of rings with brown acrylic paint.  I chose to leave the inside of my rings natural.  Set aside to fully dry.

3.  Use your leaf punch to create embellishments from scrapbook paper.  I made four leaves per napkin ring.

4.  Mod Podge paper leaves onto napkin rings.  Remember to wipe away excess Mod Podge so you do not have clumps or discoloration.

5.  Set aside rings to fully dry.


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