Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu Planning Printables

Planning Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite fall activities.  I love finding seemingly impossible recipes and looking forward to the challenge.  However, there's always so many questions to answer... what are we having?  What do we need?  Will it be enough?

I've created some printables to help you get organized and, therefore, destress for this amazing holiday.

The menu planning printable is a great way to organize your meal selection and ingredients.  I start by making a complete list of ingredients needed for all of my dishes.  Monday before Thanksgiving, I go shopping in my own kitchen and cross off any items we have in our cupboards.  Then I take the remaining list to the grocery store to buy the remaining items.  The only exception to this is the turkey - I always buy it weeks ahead of time to ensure I get the size I want.

You've carefully planned your meal, written the shopping list, organized your cupboard... now what?  Show it off!!!  This menu printable can be framed and filled out (on the glass) to be reused from year to year.

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