Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crocheted Napkin Rings

I know what you're thinking.  "I don't know how to crochet."  That's fine.  These crocheted napkin rings are a new take on the technique and use the most basic stitch of crochet.  You only need a handful of materials and tiny bit of know-how to create this beautiful handmade touch to your Thanksgiving table.  Ready to get started?

{Please try to ignore my awful manicure.  It's a sign of productivity. ;) }
Wood Napkin Rings
5mm Crochet Hook
1 Skein Orange Size 4 Yarn
Scotch Tape
Yarn Needle

1.  Sand the inside of wood napkin rings.  Mine were left very rough and if left unsanded, they would have snagged and frayed the yarn.  We don't want that.

2.  Cut 6 yards of yarn to work with.

3.  To get started, tape the end of your yarn to the inside of the wood napkin ring.  You want the yarn to loop over the top of your ring.

4.  Follow the image below to start your crochet.  Start with the ring in your hand, yarn coming out of the top.

5.  Once you have your first loop completed, follow these directions.

6.  Continue this pattern all the way around your ring until you match up your ends.  With one space left for your yarn - stop.  Leave crochet hook through loop.

7.  At this point you should have a piece of yarn about 1 foot long (depending on how tight you pulled while working).  Thread the end through a yarn needle.

8.  Follow the steps below to finish your piece.

 9.  Finally, snip off the end and tuck away.

 Ta-da!  A crocheted napkin ring!

Complete your set of four and enjoy!

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