Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome to the Random Jewelry Party

 So I have this notions organizer that's full of random beads.  It has traveled with me from move to move.  I never add to it.  I never use anything in it.  It just exists.  And in its existence, it has been dropped countless times, shaking up all the contents that I never bother to re-sort, because well, I don't use them.

Most of the beads in this box are from necklaces I bought in high school.  Things I purchased that I later thought, "Why would you ever buy that?"  The mystery is easy to solve - they must have been on sale.  Somewhere along the road, I decided to disassemble the necklaces, possibly to destroy the evidence of ever having owed such hideous pieces, and they found their way into this box.

For #JustStashJanuary, I decided it was time to do something about it.  I dug out the beads and my jewelry making materials and created a few random pieces of jewelry.

 The Wish Anklet.  Tutorial consulted here.
I prefer wish anklets rather than bracelets because they are more likely to fall off without me trying to fix them.  Usually they fall off and you don't ever notice, which is the true magic of the wish bracelet.
 Wrap Bracelet.  A little fishing line.  Some old beads.  Wrap around twice.  Tie. Done.
Friendship Bracelet.  Tutorial consulted here.
My friendship bracelet making skills have slipped dramatically since I was 12 but I still like all the colors.  Don't hate on how horrible I did.
Random necklace meet Random Charm.  Such a match made in heaven!

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What have you made for #JustStashJanuary?

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