Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friendship Bracelet

As the weather in Arizona heats up for summer, I am reminded of loooong summer vacations.  Like many girls, I filled my days with movies, teen magazines, nail polish and friendship bracelets.  I'm taking it old school with this easy friendship bracelet tutorial - perfect for young girls and girls who are young at heart.

3 Colors Embroidery Floss {the prepackaged sets are designed for this and last a little longer than the individual skeins}
Beads {optional}
Scrap Hemp or Thick String {optional}
Embroidery Needle {optional; if using thick string, needed}

1.  Pick your middle thread.  This is the string your bracelet will be made around.  Cut about 12 inches.  If using beads in your design, string them on now.  This will make the process much faster.

2.  Cut other colors.  I chose to pair white with one string of blue and one string of teal, so I cut 4 pieces.  Cut approximately 16 inches long.

3.  Grab all string (including middle piece) and tie in knot.  Don't tie it too tight!  We will be undoing the knot later.

4.  Tape top above knot to surface of table, notebook, whatever.  To keep it stable.  You will also want to tape down your middle string {see hemp} to surface to keep taut - place tape directly below beads.

5.  Start braiding!
Separate your two strings {in my case, four}.
Take the right string {teal}, fold over your center string {hemp}, creating a backwards 4.
Take the left string {blue}, fold over the extended arm of the right string - keeping it to the left of your center string.
Take the left string {blue} and fold it under the right string {teal} and center string {hemp}.  Then OVER the right string {teal} on the right side of the center string (the backwards 4 side).
Pull taut.  You will notice - simply put, you just tied a knot around your center string.  Tighten all the way up tot your top knot.

6.  If you are using beads, keep track of your knots.  Once you've reached a certain number {I used 10}, simply slide a bead up then tie another knot.

7.  Keep going until your bracelet is the length desired.
Remove tape.

8.  Undo knot.

Either you can tie the bracelet directly onto your wrist, or you can follow the directions below to create a slip latch.

9.  Tape middle of bracelet to the surface.

10.  Bring up ends, overlap and tape ends to create full circle.

11.  Use scrap string and utilizing the same knot pattern above, knot around bracelet.  HOWEVER, you will alternate directions so it creates a ladder.  {For more detailed instructions, see the Macrame Bracelet tutorial}
Once you're finished, use needle to thread ends up through knots.  Trim ends and apply super glue for extra security.
Remove tape from loose ends.  Tie ends into knots on each side.

Don't you feel like a kid again?!   

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