Friday, June 7, 2013

Creative Cubby: Move Update

Well, it's been almost 4 months since we sold our house and about 3 months since we moved in with my in-laws.  So far, the journey as been a roller coaster of emotion.

Living with the in-laws is going fabulously better than anticipated - not that I worried about them but I worried all those "living with the in-laws" horror stories would come true.  In reality, we have fairly complimentary schedules so have learned to live around and with each other.  While my husband and I are antsy and will certainly welcome the move to our new home enthusiastically, I can already tell that we'll miss having so much face-time with his parents.  I really couldn't ask for a better reality.

Building our house, on the other hand, has been a reality CHECK!  Everyone's experience is different but I'm finding that everyone has bumps and bruises along the way.  Things have certainly gone wrong.  Our permit somehow got delayed {ahem, lost} at the town permitting office, so building started about two weeks later than anticipated.  We have an electrical wiring pipe {for the outlets in the island} in totally the wrong place on the floor, which puts it smack dab in the middle of the walkway {with the help of a jackhammer, this has since been resolved...see below}.  And to top it off, when we visited the house just the other night, we found that they framed out the window in our master bathroom incorrectly.  Every mistake brings little irritations and little headaches, but the best we can do is document it and keep a vigilant eye on it.  Mistakes happen while building and we have to trust the builders to do their jobs.  We also trust that our realtor will step in/speak up when necessary.
Despite the little dramas, the home building process has been fun.  As you saw, the Design Studio visit was a great start to planning out our new home.  Since then, there have been countless visits to Home Depot, Lowe's, and local decor shops to pick out anything else we may need for the house {like ceiling fans}.

Visiting the lot always inspires a "This is crazy!" from either my husband or me... or both.  Houses truly are popping up like weeds in our development.  What used to be a vast expanse of dirt only 4 short months ago is now filled with signs of construction.  It's seriously impressive how quickly the crews work to make someone's home.
The past week was the most fun for us.  The framing when up on our house and it went up as quickly as a barn-raising.  Day 1: First Floor.  Day 2: Second Floor.  Day 3: Roof.  Boom, boom, boom!  And then there was a house!  Suddenly, there were air ducts and ventilation... then an air conditioning unit... then plumbing... whoa!

My favorite part {naturally} is my future craft room {or Creative Cubby Studio... haven't decided yet}.  The new room is a few squarefeet bigger than my old one with a much more functional closet.  The layout is better with the closet and door sharing a wall.  For those who don't remember, the old one had the door on one wall, the closet on another and the window on another.  It greatly limited the wall space for storage or desk space.  My new room will be glorious and I'm getting very antsy to have all of my craft stuff back.
Plenty of space to craft.

 Check out that view!
 So happy to have windows with a view in the new craft room!

Until then, keep your fingers crossed for smooth sailing here on out.  I'll be showing you pictures of our new finished home soon enough!

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