Thursday, January 8, 2015

Joy Christmas Accent

"Joy" Accent

This little treasure is a quick and beautiful accent to any house.  These also make great gifts as all the supplies except for the alphabet letters are sold in sets. 

Wood Letters "J" and "Y" (Mine are 3 1/2 inch tall letters from Hobby Lobby)
Wood Base (I used a 4" x 2" piece of wood, sold in sets of 4 at Hobby Lobby)
Red Jingle Bells (sold in packs of six, 1 1/2" bells, at Hobby Lobby)
Green Acrylic Paint
Glitter Glue
Green Glitter
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
1. Paint the "J" and "Y" green.  Mine took two coats.  Remember to wait in between coats.

2.  Once completely dry, apply a thick layer of glitter glue and apply glitter.

**Paper plates are a great surface to glitter over.  I use the small dessert paper plates.  They are sturdy during application of the glitter but can be pinched along the edge to make it easier to return leftover glitter to the bottle.

3.  When glitter has completely dried, adhere the "J", "Y" and bell to the base to spell out "JOY".  And you're done.

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