Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby Monthly Onsies 1-3

I've been granted the great honor of designing the monthly onsies for my lovely little niece.  Working with my best friend and her husband, we've put together designs for each month that match either the season, holidays or special memories for them.  Using my Cricut (vinyl iron-on) and fabric paint, I've had a ton of fun decorating these onsies for Baby.  

Month 1 - January
A wintery theme was obvious for month 1.  I used my Cricut to create the snowflake, glitter fabric paint for the 1 and added rhinestones for a little girly glitz (applied using Tacky Glue).

Month 2 - February
Oh, the romantic month of February, which also happens to be the month my friends got married.  The bird and 2 are Cricut designs that I embellished with fabric paint. 

Month 3 - March
Now, some people may do a St. Patrick's Day theme for March, but for this baseball family, it's all about Spring Training.  I kept the onsie pretty gender neutral (except for the glitzy rhinestones) since Baby has a collection of beautiful baseball-themed bows.  The baseball is made from a simple circle vinyl cut-out with stitches added with fabric paint.  

I'm only making the onsies 3 at a time since we really don't know how quickly she will grow.  I can't wait to share the next set of three in March!

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