Friday, August 10, 2012

Quiet Books

As the world starts to turn to fall, I start to think about Christmas gifts.  See, I'm one of those people who plans out their gifts months in advance - but as a handmade gift-giver, it's essential. 

I find kids the hardest to buy or create for.  Today, if it doesn't light up or look like a smart phone/tablet, they want nothing to do with it.  The unfortunate byproduct of this is an environment constantly filled with noise and chaos for their parents. 

However, I have learned that if a kid is properly introduced to quieter and classic toys - they love them!  One classic toy I adore is the Quiet Book.  This is an easy handmade gift that kids will cherish.  They are also very durable, parts are a breeze to replace, and they can be educational.  Aside from being easy on the ears and eyes, the best aspect of making these is personalizing to each kid.

Here are my favorite quiet books from around the web. 



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