Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preppy Projects Week: Tie Headband

Being that I'm not wasteful person, I like to find uses for my scraps.
Making the Tie Pillow left me with a pile of tie tails to be used and upcycled!

How about some "Gossip Girl" inspired preppy headbands?!

Glue Gun
Headbands (I got mine at Jo-Ann)
Tie Scraps
Seam Ripper

1.  Measure your headband.

2.  Measure your tie tail and cut to size.  Be aware of any seams in your ties.  If they are towards the end, that's okay.  You can use the seam ripper to open that up and there's usable fabric within the seam.

3.  Using your seam ripper, deconstruct the tie.

4.  Iron your material.
**If you have a rotary cutter, at this step, I recommend cutting your piece down to 2.5x width of your headband.  (Meaning 1 inch wide - Cut 2.5 inches wide)  Sadly, I do not have a rotary cutter... so I power through.

5.  Find the center of your fabric - I marked mine with a pencil.  Add glue to center of headband and place. 

6.  Add hot glue along full length of one side of headband.  Roll flat onto fabric.  Repeat on other side.

7.  Cut off excess of fabric, trying your best to cut straight.  {I really need to get a rotary cutter!}

8.  Glue your ends down.  Just add a dot and fold parallel to you.

9.  Start in the middle and add a 2-3 inch length of glue.  Fold over your fabric.  Continue all the way down both sides of the headband 2-3 inches at a time.  This allows you to focus on wrapping the fabric with the curve of the headband.

10.  Flip it around and do the other side.  Use extra care to fill in any gaps and make sure all fabric is down.  If you have any overlap, trim it off and, again, make sure you glue down all the fabric.

11.  Finish your ends.  To do this, just simply fold over each end, but I made sure excess fabric was trimmed off and used a little extra glue to secure.

You are now one fashionable prep-ster!

**Suggested Modification: My headbands turned out a little bumpier on top than I would have liked.  In this case, I would recommend using {lightly} some fabric glue on top in lieu of hot glue OR use pins to keep the fabric in place  while you hot glue the inside.  This will ensure you have a smooth top to your headband.

Remember to check back for TWO MORE preppy projects!

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