Sunday, August 5, 2012

College Pride!

In less than four weeks, the biggest event of the year will take place - the first kickoff of college football!  My beloved ASU Sun Devils will take the field and we will be rooting them on.  To get our home into the spirit, I created a few decorative accents.

College Felt Wreath

Floral Wreath Form
6 12"x9" Sheets of each color felt (18 sheets total)
Tacky Glue
Wood Skewer
Hot Glue

For detailed instructions making the felt wreath, please click here.
** Change: For this wreath I used 3"x3" cuts of felt

To Make College Logo:
1. Measure the clearance in the middle of your wreath after felt has been put in.  Mine was 5.5 inches.
2. Print logo out on cardstock - use Word/Publisher to ensure it's the proper size.
3. Cut out logo and trace onto foam poster board.
4. Carefully use X-Acto knife to cut out logo.  I did a clean cut through the top layer of the foam board and then used more of a sawing motion to cut through the second layer.  This kept the board from pinching and collapsing.
5.  Paint your college colors!

College Pride Display

3 12"x9" Sheets of each color felt (9 sheets total)
2 3" Floral Sphere Forms
Tacky Glue
Wood Skewer
Cardboard Letters

To Make Poms:
Use the same technique to make felt wreath, but alternate direction of layers around floral spheres (see below).  Use 1"x4.5" cuts of felt.

** Tip: I bought my felt at Hobby Lobby.  They sell sheets of felt 4 for $1.

Are you ready for some football?!
We sure are!



  1. Love your wreath - I'm a wreath-o-holic!!! New follower, you have a nice blog. Minds think alike, I'm in the process of doing UGA Georgia Bulldog stuff... Go Dawgs!!!

    1. Thanks for following! And thank you for the great compliment! I looove wreaths so you've come to the right place. Can't wait to check out your stuff!

  2. This caught my eye on Pinterest because I recognized the ASU logo...GO DEVILS! I'll be sure to grab some white, maroon and gold felt from Hobby Lobby when I'm there today to make one for our door here in Texas. Thanks for the great idea!!


    1. So happy to spread the Sun Devil pride! I would love to see a picture of your finished product!

      Go Devils!

  3. What size foam wreath did you use? Love this idea!

    1. I used a 12" wreath - this would work great for any size! Happy crafting!


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