Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Remove Paint from Outlets

While generously repainting our bedroom one day, my husband got a little over zealous with the roller near our outlets. Being that these are standard plastic outlets, I could have simply scratched off the paint. 

However, I had just painted my nails...sooo...

Here's a manicure saving solution to removing paint from outlets.

Here's What You Do: 

1.  Gather your tools.  Rubbing Alcohol, Cotton Ball and Cotton Swab.
If this is an outlet to a switch, ensure that it is off.
ALWAYS use care when dealing with outlets.

2.  Lightly wet the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.
CAUTION:  Do not over-moisten the cotton ball.
You should not be squeezing rubbing alcohol out of the ball.
Just enough to give traction to the cotton ball and eat through the paint.

3.  Keep rubbing away.  Completely clean the surface.

4.  Use cotton swab to clean the hard to reach places.
NEVER stick the swab INTO the outlet. 
Simply rub along the outside edge.

The paint is all gone...
Without ruining the paint on my fingernails!

Do-It-Yourself Win!


  1. Hey, folks...just take the switch OFF the wall first, only takes a few seconds of your time to remove and put back on. This way you can be sure NOT to worry about getting anywhere near ANY electrical that can harm you while on the wall. Just easier to be on the air side of caution!!! You have peace of mind of not hurting yourself while doing this and taking your nail polish off :)

  2. Hey! Great idea! If you are electrically savvy, that is an excellent way to avoid any risk. However, please be sure to properly shut off the breaker to the wall and use a voltage tester on the wires on the back side of the outlet before removing. For those who are less experienced, this can be very scary because it does involve taking off wires and putting them back on properly.

    Here is a great tutorial if you want to go this route:

  3. Missed Step 0: Turn off electrical\

  4. Thanks for this post it has come in handy for my garage project.

  5. This article is very helpful and informative. Painting with Airless sprayer is so much faster and tidier. Thank you for sharing!


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