Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinspiration Friday: Save Money on Your Wedding Bar

One challenge most brides face is 
how to control bar costs 
while still allowing your guests to have a good time.

A cash bar is a good option
some guests don't come prepared
 the prices can be astronomical
and some people just don't think it's appropriate.

Another option is an open bar
you may have limited beverage choices
and you have no control over cost.

I've also seen a hybrid of the two options...
"Open bar until 10 pm, then cash bar"

Too much work!

Try this...
(if your venue allows)

Stock Your Own Bar

You have full control over beverage options.
You have full control over the cost.
You don't have to manage it during your big day.

You may ask...
"But, Jen, I don't want to run out!"

First, there are tons of resources on the internet to help with proper stocking.

Second, buy more than you think you need and RETURN!
Wholesalers like Costco and Sam's Club
and specialty stores like BevMo and TotalWine
will gladly accept your unopened containers 
with receipt
for a refund.

After my wedding, we returned all of our unopened cases of beer,
bottles of wine, bottles of margaritas, etc
and got $300 back!

So take the stress off the bar and see if stocking your own works for you!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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