Friday, December 7, 2012

Pinspiration Friday: Christmas Card Displays

I love getting Christmas Cards!
The cards people select are so telling of their personalities
and I love getting the colorful warm wishes.  

So when it came down to displaying the cards, we ran into a problem.
We don't have a fireplace, banister, high shelf.  Nope.

Our solution (above) was to use 3M Removable Hooks on each side of our media center.
I bought red cording from JoAnn and tied knots on the ends so the cord wouldn't slip through the hooks.
Decorated a few clothes pins with wrapping paper and Mod Podge - BAM!  
I have a cheerful Christmas card garland in the middle of my living room to enjoy through the whole holiday season.

Here are some other great ideas for displaying all those great holiday messages.

For more Christmas Pinspiration,

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