Friday, December 7, 2012

Argyle Socks

Two years ago, maybe a week or so after my husband proposed, we were sitting in our living room, staring at our big ol' Christmas tree.  It was getting close to Christmas and the curiosity of our gifts was starting to peak.  We had already purchased and wrapped so many.  There they all were, staring us back in the face.  After a few moments, he leaned over and whispered, "Want to open a gift?"

I know this game well.  My brother and I used to play it with our parents.  We ask and ask until they cave to let us open one, just one, gift.  Mom and Dad always got to choose which one though.  So, my response was, "Yes, but I get to pick which one you open."

"Fine, I get to pick yours."

We walked over to the tree, picked out two small gifts and came back to the couch.  "Open them together?"


Simultaneously, we ripped off the paper to find matching blue boxes.  Not just any blue boxes - matching Brooks Brothers blue boxes.  We both looked at each other curiously.  There was no way...

We slid off the lids to find... Brooks Brothers argyle socks.  We had bought each other Brooks Brothers argyle socks.  His were orange with blue and tan diamonds.  Mine were dark brown with tan and brown lines.  Our eyes met, filled with pure amusement.  This was a time when we didn't have much money to spare on gifts and no gift has filled my heart more than those socks in this moment.

Every year since, we have purchased each other Brooks Brothers argyle socks for Christmas.  It's a constant reminder that gifts don't have to be expensive or excessive to show how perfect we are for each other.  The biggest joys do come in the smallest packages.  But more than anything, our happiest Christmas memory will always include a true American classic - Brooks Brothers.

{Originally published on Evans Ever After}

What's Your Happiest Christmas Memory?

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