Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Goals

Are you busy making New Year's Resolution? 

I'm not the biggest fan of resolutions.  They seem like punishments - quite possibly because I associate them with getting rid of vices rather than working towards achievements.  Resolutions always seem to be a huge commitments too.  However, I do like resolutions as a way to evaluate and refocus your life.  Typically, if your goal is to pay down your debt, you take the time to assess your debt and budget.  Sure, we should all have the commitment to do this at any point in the year, but nothing says {fresh start} quite like January 1st.

Over the past few years, I have adopted a new way to make small commitments to myself that not only make me feel as though I'm achieving great things but also enrich my life.

I introduce to you my {Personal Goals} sheet.  This sheet focuses on tangible and finite achievements - so instead of "workout more", I put "run a sub-10 minute mile".  It helps with the focus and the sense of satisfaction.  For the categories such as movies and books, I select pieces that I feel I should have seen or read by now.  For instance, when I was 21, I put down "The Godfather".  This year's list included "To Kill a Mockingbird".  Both answered a lot of pop culture questions I had.

My favorite category is the food section.  Three years ago, my goal was to try swordfish.  Sure enough, we took a trip to Seattle in the summer and I got to try it out.  {Loved it!}  It's a great way to start exploring foods if you aren't adventurous.  Even if you hate it - at least now you know!

Skills to Master is where I put a lot of my crafting hopes and dreams.  Last year included Mod Podging and sewing.  Pretty sure I have those down by now.  ;)  Next year, I really want to focus on heat embossing and embroidery.  Sometimes this category travels outside the sphere of crafting - this year I also put down "memorize the order of the presidents".  {Yeah, yeah, keep the "Don't you have a bachelors in History" jokes to yourself!}

So I hang this goal sheet up on a corkboard {to always be a reminder of my goals} and mark items off as they are achieved.  I've learned to love it over the years.  Thus, I pass along to you the {Personal Goals} sheet.

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