Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Card Book

If you're as sentimental as I am, you love keeping your Christmas cards.  In fact, you probably have them stored away in a photo box, rubber-banded with a Post-It marking the year on it.  No?  You don't?  Hmmm.  I totally thought that was normal.

Anyway, I kept all of our cards from last Christmas, as it was "Our First Christmas" and I knew one day I would want them or use them for something.  Well, I have the perfect use for them - a Christmas Card Book.

My husband and I decided to do picture cards every year as well as have a theme.  Last year's theme was "Christmas of Yesteryear" (vintage).  We did a 1950's inspired photo-shoot (see: Mess the Dress, September 2012) and we decided to use this theme to build our entire first Christmas around - from wrapping paper to decorations to, of course, our card.  I designed the cover of our book around the "Yesteryear" (vintage) theme and made sure that our card was the first one in the book.  Now, we can look back on Christmases' past and remember how ridiculous we were and all the people we loved.

(For detailed instructions, please refer to the Wedding Card Book post from June 2012.)

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