Saturday, January 2, 2016

#JustStashJanuary 2016

The challenge is on! Once again, I'm taking the annual challenge with my friend Virginia over at Scribbles & Bits to curb my supplies spending addiction and clear out my craft cubbies. Too much craft shopping leads to a blown budget and overflowing flowing cabinets. What better time to declutter with creativity than the start of the year?!

So, what's the challenge all about?
It's simple.

1. Only use craft supplies you already own.
2. The only allowable purchase is adhesive. Real adhesive... meaning, put down the washi tape! That's cheating.

Dig out those projects you've been meaning to finish. Create something new and exciting from supplies you've been holding on to. Find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram to source some creativity.

Follow along with my creations as well as Virginia's on Instagram at @jen_evans_ and @myscribblesnbits. Don't forget to use the hashtag #JustStashJanuary to share your inspiring creations!

Let the craftiness commence!

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