Friday, January 1, 2016

Coming in 2016

New year... new exciting things in store for The Creative Cubby!

First thing's first, the Cubby Challenges! My love of photography is growing but I'd love even more to connect with all of you. Through photography and crafting, I'd love to see your perspective on the world. Therefore, I've created two challenges to keep the inspiration flowing. Use the hashtags #CubbyPhotoChallenge and #CubbyCraftChallenge on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so share your images with everyone. I can't wait to see all of your inspiring posts!

Also coming to the blog... monthly Tip Tuesday posts. Once a month I'll be sharing a tip, trick or skill. Most of these will be accompanied by a video tutorial, so stay tuned with hilarious outtakes! Let me know if you have any special requests - especially if I've written something in a tutorial that would be better represented visually.

Speaking of making projects easier, I cannot wait to debut my printable Project Cards. Think recipe cards for all your crafting and DIY projects. I'll break down the materials and tools needed for a project and provide you space to mark off what you have and what you need to buy. No more wasted materials! There will also be blank versions for your own personal projects. Look for them in future posts!

And on the note of shopping, have you noticed the "Shop This Project" section on select posts? Now you can see exactly what I materials or tools I used and where I bought them at the bottom of each blog post.  I'm all about making it easy for you!

Fiiiiinally, some of my favorite features are making a return this year. #JustStashJanuary, Camp Crafts Week, Pumpkin Carving Week and a themed Christmas will make a return. Plus I'll be adding a new one for Earth Day.

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Ready or not, 2016... here I come!

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