Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Potions Bottles

Every witch needs a kitchen full of her very own creepy tinctures.
{Oh, yes.  I used that old word.}

Ridiculously easy and quick to put together - you'll have an instant witchy kitchen in mere moments.
Here's how:

1.  Gather old bottles and jars.  I have a spice rack with special jars that I needed to reload so I was able to empty these glass spice jars.  Spice jars are great because they take up very little space in storage, but really easy to reload from year to year with your creepy contents.
2.  Soak the jars in hot, soapy water to remove labels.
3.  Some labels are a little stubborn.  Pour Goo Gone onto a terry cloth hand towel and gently rub away the label. 
4.  Print off your labels on full sheet label paper.  I have seen them ALL over the internet {Pinterest is bursting with them}.  However, I found these on Etsy and fell in love with them. 
5.  Cut out your labels.  I prefer to use full sheet label paper instead of the suggest Avery sheets that may be defined by the label creator.  I would rather take the time to cut out the label than print and find out my printer isn't aligned perfectly.  
6. Carefully apply the label to the jar and fill with fun items!
I used an array of party favors from Party City, left over Halloween decorations, food coloring and natural elements from the outside.
I loved this project and I love the way all the creepy jars look in my kitchen.
Now I have my spellbook... I have my tinctures... it's time to brew up some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween!!!

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