Sunday, October 27, 2013

Evans Pumpkin Carving 2013

Halloween officially fell upon our house with our annual pumpkin carving.  This year, I wanted something dark and ominous.  I found this pattern on Zombie Pumpkins and instantly fell in love.  Unfortunately, I picked out a SUPER young pumpkin, that had loads of seeds (yum!), but was very, very veiny.  It took me FOREVER to clean out the inside.  My husband, on the other hand, had his cleaned out in mere minutes and was able to carve a really cool haunted house.  I'm really happy with the way both pumpkins turned out this year.

... oh, I forgot to mention that I woke up the next morning and carved another pumpkin!  We were heading to a Jimmy Buffett concert... so, of course, we needed a parrot!
For tips and tricks about how to carve pumpkins - check out my tutorials here.
For patterns and inspiration, check out my Pumpkin Carving Pinterest Board.

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Those came out really great! Good idea making sure Buffett had some representation!


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