Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We have exhausted ourselves over the past two months to get settled into our home in preparation for our housewarming.  The event was this weekend and it was a blast!  So many of our friends and family filled our home with well wishes and plenty of laughs.

As you can expect, there was loads of work we put into hosting our event.  When your home is the main focus of the party, far too much cleaning is involved!  However, it's also important to feed your guests!!!

 My husband took this picture without us knowing.  My mom, my mother-in-law and I were hard at work prepping dishes.  The great thing - my kitchen is clearly a 3 to 4 butt kitchen!  Yay!
 We prepared a huge spread of food for all.  Being that it was only two days after Halloween, I really tried to stay away from sweets and focused on traditional but tasty finger foods.
 Of course, my deviled eggs were prepared.  These are expected at all events, especially ones that I host.
For the recipe, click here.
 I gave the Bite-Size Caprese appetizers a shot.  I found them on Pinterest and have been dying to try them.  While my plating techniques need a little work, these were a huge hit.
How to:
Simply cut a Cherub tomato in half.  Place a small slice of mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaf in between the two halves.  Hold together with a toothpick.  Drizzle balsamic vinegar over top.
 Pasta Salad is a must for me.  It's easy to dish out and very filling.  Plus, it's beautifully colorful and livens up a table.
For the recipe, please see the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.
 My mother-in-law provided these delicious bundtinis for dessert.  They are basically miniature cakes and were outstanding!  Not as sweet as cupcakes, but definitely satisfied the sweet tooth.
Zucchini bites have become another staple of our get-togethers.  They are quick and very easy to make.
How to: 
Slice zucchini into 1/8" thick pieces.  Toss pieces in a Ziplock bag with olive oil to coat.  Remove slices from bag straight into a dish filled with grated Parmesan cheese, Panko salt and pepper.  Fully coat pieces and arrange slices on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake for 12-15 minutes in oven at 450*.  Serve with ranch dressing.

Other Dishes Served:
Meatballs with Grape Jelly and Chili Sauce
Strawberries with Strawberry Fluff Dip
Cheese and Cracker Platter
Lays Lightly Salted Potato Chips with Onion Dip
Veggie Platter with Onion Dip
Mixed Nuts
Goldfish Crackers
 And of course... there was wine.  Lots and lots of wine.
We sent our guests home with a small token of our appreciation - a small packet of M&Ms for the road.

We could not have been happier to have our home filled with so much family, friends and food.  Everyone made the night very special and we're so fortunate to have so many blessings.

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