Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Mirror and One Kings Lane

Once upon time, one Sunday morning, my husband and I were hanging out in bed watching "Property Brothers" and cruising around on our iPhones.  I received an email from One Kings Lane for a sale on mirrors.  Awesome!  We need a mirror for over our fireplace.  We've been hunting for a while for 36" wide round mirror that was not a sunburst/starburst.

One King's Lane had the answer.  This 36" wide, sisal rope wrapped mirror was a perfect fit for our decor.  We have a Pottery Barn round jute rug under our dining table in the adjacent room so the mirror really ties it all together.  {I feel like that's designer talk...who am I kidding?  It's just awesome!}

The mirror was listed for $200, which is a little steep coming right after the holidays.  There was much debate, number crunching and negotiating that followed.  Never the less, we vowed to live on pasta and chicken for two weeks in exchange for perfection.
This is how it arrived - in a freaking wood pallet!  We had to get out a hammer and flat head screw driver to gain our reward.
Beautimous!  Pristine!  Perfect!  Honestly, I was just happy it was shattered.  Hahaha!  Thankfully, it didn't weigh nearly as much as I feared either - about 20lbs.   
 So we whipped out the drywall anchors {better safe than sorry!} and set to work.  How about them apples?!?!  Within 10 minutes, we transformed our family room.  I can't believe how big of a difference the mirror ended up making in the room.  The room feels bigger.  The wall feels fuller.  Overall, a great purchase!  So worth the crappy food for two weeks.
 Immediately after we hung the mirror, I went on One Kings Lane... to browse...and bought 2 throw pillows.  We have a problem.  Oh well.

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  1. That is a pretty fantastic mirror! Plus in a crate? Free craft wood! Win win! :)


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