Monday, July 22, 2013

Creative Cubby: Move Update

The past week has been full of big {distracting} changes for my husband and me.  We are only 5 weeks away from our close date on our new house and, as you can imagine, there are constantly new changes.  We have been visiting the house almost every day to stay up to date - never wanting to miss a step or a change.  I'm completely fascinated by the construction process of a home.  What started as a piece of dirt has very quickly turned into a house.

My last move update highlighted the framing, piping, and air ducts.  You will never believe what the house looks like now!  Since then, drywall and stucco have been put on.  The house has doors, hardware, switch plates and paint.  Oh, did I mention we have a kitchen?!  I should also mention that a majority of these leaps and bounds have taken place in the last week - causing me to neglect my crafting.  BUT we have brainstormed a ton of decorating and DIY projects for future posts - do you forgive me?

Check out the progress made in one week:

Tons of huge changes around the house!  Now that it's starting to look like a livable edifice, it's hard to avoid daydreaming - planning out rooms, organizing cabinets, etc.  What has been nice though is brainstorming with my husband about repurposing some of our existing furniture.  We have some bookcases and tables that just don't work in their current existence in the new house, but we've figured out ways to revamp them to be beautiful new pieces.

Can't wait to move in and begin the process of decorating.  I will definitely be taking you all along for the journey.  Stay tuned for more updates - and don't worry - I'll be back to crafting soon!

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