Sunday, July 7, 2013

Corkboard Display

Being a blogger and an Etsy Shop owner, I'm always looking for new ways to improve upon my hobby.  First, I focused on marketing myself - creating a brand.  Then I got a new DSLR and have been learning how to use it properly.  Recently, I've been looking at my Etsy listing photos and grimacing because I didn't feel they truly represented my work or my brand.  The colors were a little off.  The way the products were displayed was not... artful... imaginative... or very Jen-like.  They were just.... ugly.  Let's just say it - ugly.  So it was time to change all of that.

I created this simple corkboard display with minimal materials and minimal time.  The change is staggering.

Corkboard {Used: 11"x17" from Hobby Lobby}
White Acrylic Paint
Foam Paint Brush
Push Pins
Silver Permanent Marker
Mini Clothes Pins
Copy Paper

1.  Lay copy paper on the cork to protect it during painting.  Paint with white acrylic paint.  Mine took two coats.

 2.  Now, I could have gotten silver push pins.  But I have no need for an entire box of them.  So I took the free ones that came with the corkboard and refinished them with a silver permanent marker.  After three coats, I had beautiful matte finished silver push pins.

 3.  Place push pins in desired location.  Cut hemp to length and tie taut onto push pins.

 I now I have the perfect backdrop for my cards!  Check out the difference in listing photos!

Old Version {old brand, old camera, old display}

New Version {new brand, new camera, new display}

 I'm loving the change.  So much more artful and representative.  Check out more photos {and products} in my shop.  

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