Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving "Give Thanks" Decor

I told you burlap and cross stitch would be back! After realizing cross stitching on burlap was fairly simple with my Halloween decorations, I decided it would be appropriately festive for Thanksgiving. What is it about burlap and a little folk art that screams "Give Thanks"? !


1. Pick your design and cross stitch! For cross stitching on burlap, I recommend using 3 strands or the full 6 stands. Anything less than that will leave a ton of gaps. I prefer 6 strands due to the texture it creates. Unfamiliar with cross stitch? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube.  If you like my design, it's available for free download/printing at the end of this post.

Don't like to cross stitch? Acrylic paint and stickers are wonderful alternatives!

2. Add some glam! In full disclosure, I started this project thinking I would just cross stitch on the burlap and ta-da! I'd be done. But as I finished my design, I realized it was smaller than I envisioned and therefore, the decor looked very, very empty and plain.

Thankfully, I had some hole punches and metallic gold acrylic paint on hand. I punched out circles from card stock and used the negatives as stencils.

Because I never know when to leave things well-enough alone, I added a few streaks of gold in the veins of the leaf. Why not?

Much better!

"Give Thanks" Cross Stitch Pattern

So many things to be grateful for this year. Including discovering new crafting techniques. Happy Crafting!

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