Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Car Documents Organizer

Few things irritate me like a messy glove compartment.  Yes, I know it remains closed the entire time and I know I shouldn't really be going into it unless I need maintenance on my car, have an accident, or violate the law {shame shame} not often.  However, I can't stand when the documents are all over the place.  Honestly though, what happens if I do find myself in one of those situations and don't know where my stuff is?!  I'd be a mess!  Ugh!

The solution: Car Organizer!

 Truly a simple and easy solution to make sure everything is where it should be.  Grab a coupon organizer {available at any dollar store or office supply section of stores} and label.

My labels are:
"Reg" for Registration
"Ins" for Insurance
"Main" for Maintenance
"XM" for my Sirius/XM channel guide
"Info" for Various Car Records

I also keep my coupons for car washes and maintenance right up in front so I don't forget them at home.  Very helpful, very orderly, very easy!


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  1. Great idea! I also keep fast food coupons in the car since it's something I'm likely to need while I'm out! :)


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