Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids' Pirate Party

 I was recently enlisted to assist our good friends in decorating for their 2 year old sons' birthday party.  Obviously, shopping for pirate party supplies was loads of fun, but I found that creating my own was a lot more fun.  With some help from great internet printables (see "Inspiration" below), we were able to create an over the top pirate party to welcome the terrific twins to the terrible twos (say that 5 times fast).

To guide guests to the best treasure EVER, we turned the front walkway into a real life treasure map.  "X" always marks the spot.

Inside guests were greeted with a plethora of pirate booty.  Complete with pirate accessories, booty bags (filled with Hersey's Gold Nuggets), pirate map cookies, and pirate tootsie pops.

Outside became a kid's watery playground, but we had to make sure it was pirate friendly.  Pirate bunting was hung from the pergola and a net catching some seafaring friends hung along the back wall.

Finally, to be sure the watery playground had a good background, we hung this last bit of pirate bunting on their wall.

**Tip: We made all buntings using a paper cutter, x-acto knife (for the tough points) and twine.  Some people like to use ribbon, but we thought the twine had a more "piratey" look to it.  You can get bundle of twine at Home Depot or Lowes for about $4. 

Hope this inspires you!!!

"Ahoy" Banner:
Pirate Skull Cap Suckers:
Triangle Pirate Bunting:
"Arrr" Bunting:

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