Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby Monthly Onsies 1-3

I've been granted the great honor of designing the monthly onsies for my lovely little niece.  Working with my best friend and her husband, we've put together designs for each month that match either the season, holidays or special memories for them.  Using my Cricut (vinyl iron-on) and fabric paint, I've had a ton of fun decorating these onsies for Baby.  

Month 1 - January
A wintery theme was obvious for month 1.  I used my Cricut to create the snowflake, glitter fabric paint for the 1 and added rhinestones for a little girly glitz (applied using Tacky Glue).

Month 2 - February
Oh, the romantic month of February, which also happens to be the month my friends got married.  The bird and 2 are Cricut designs that I embellished with fabric paint. 

Month 3 - March
Now, some people may do a St. Patrick's Day theme for March, but for this baseball family, it's all about Spring Training.  I kept the onsie pretty gender neutral (except for the glitzy rhinestones) since Baby has a collection of beautiful baseball-themed bows.  The baseball is made from a simple circle vinyl cut-out with stitches added with fabric paint.  

I'm only making the onsies 3 at a time since we really don't know how quickly she will grow.  I can't wait to share the next set of three in March!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gift Bag Artwork

Gift-Bag Artwork

This is the easiest and most random craft ever.  I was in Target and fell in love with this extra-large gift bag. So I figured, how great would it be to make it so I can keep it forever?  I bought the bag on sale (only $3.00) and I got the canvas on sale at Michael's (noticing a theme here?).  You can easily substitute wood cut-outs or boards in place of the canvas.

Back at home, I cut down the side of the bag and carefully cut off the bottom so the bag would lie flat.

Next, using an X-acto knife and straight-edge, I cut out the design from the bag.

Working quickly, I applied Mod Podge all over the canvas and to the back of the bag.  Using a roller, I made sure I didn't have any bubbles.  Because the bag is a matte color, I did not apply Mod Podge all over the bag.  If you don't mind or would like the added seal, I would cover the entire picture in Mod Podge.

For extra security, I applied a small dot of Tacky Glue under the sides that were not fully adhered to the canvas.

Friday, January 23, 2015

{In The Shop} :: Daria Cross Stitch Patterns

Inspiration can come from the strangest places.  Sometimes it's a good walk through the park.  Sometimes it's a powerful quote.  Sometimes it's from Pinterest.

In this case, inspiration came from a bundle of sarcasm by the name of Daria.

If you don't know who Daria is, I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with her on HuluPlus.  Here's your basic rundown.  She started off as a character on MTV's Beavis and Butthead.  When MTV realized her genius and pure awesomeness, they gave her the spotlight.  Five seasons and two major motion pictures later, Daria lives on as a legend for being the most lovable, sarcastic realist you'll ever know.

Obviously, I love her... and her attitude.  Thus, I've turned her into three cross stitch patterns.  Truly, what's a greater sign of love?

Each pattern is beginner level.  Simple cross stitch, only four colors each.  They are all designed to fit in a 5" x 5" frame and are only $3.50 each.   Here's where to find them:

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy Monogram Christmas Wreath

Front Door Wreath

I bought a simple green wreath on sale at Michael's for $4.  I also bought the decorative sprigs for 50% off.  Total price for this project was roughly $10.

I created the "E" out of a prepped white wood letter, Sharpie paint pens, pencil and ruler.  I used a 2" ruler to create the diamonds and just filled in with the paint pens.  It's secured to the wreath with hot glue.

Simple, quick and easy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ribbon Tree Garland

Ribbon Tree Garland
This was my most tedious but favorite project of the season.  Taking a tip out of Martha Stewart's book, I created this simple tree garland.  Though she recommended using ribbon scraps or leftovers, I am a fan of symmetry and patterns so I used new rolls purchased on sale at Jo-Ann for 50% off.

Scissors (strong and sharp ones for smooth cuts)
Rolls of 2" ribbon of your choosing*
Hot Glue Gun

*I found an assortment of wire ribbon and standard ribbon worked well.  Also using opaque designs rather than sheer will hide the crafting evidence.  Wire ribbon was easier to work with and will hold its shape over time.
1. Cut your ribbon into 6 inch strips.  They don't have to be exact so don't measure every single strip.

2.  Figure out your pattern.  Will your ribbons follow a certain pattern?  Will it be random?  Decide this ahead of time.

3.  Now, hold your first ribbon in your hand face up (design up).  Bring the two ends together - face to face - and staple.  You will want to staple because if/when the hot glue gives out on you, the staple will hold the link together.

HOWEVER, if you prefer to just hot glue, make a hot glue strip across the top ribbon piece and press together.

4.  Hot glue the ends down.  When working with wire ribbon, I found it easier to fold the ends over first to shape the wire.  Then I would add the hot glue and press down.  Regular ribbon is much easier to fold over. 

5. Flip the ribbon right-side out and you have your first chain.

6.  Feed next ribbon through the chain, and repeat from Step3.

**Please be extra careful and patient with this project.  It's extremely tedious and very easy to burn yourself.  Because hot glue can leak through the ribbon, I applied it to the ribbon and blew on it before proceeding with the step.  This greatly reduced the searing heat and made it easier to move quickly and safely.

I actually sold this garland a year after the original post.  Below are the listing photos for a better view.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome to the Random Jewelry Party

 So I have this notions organizer that's full of random beads.  It has traveled with me from move to move.  I never add to it.  I never use anything in it.  It just exists.  And in its existence, it has been dropped countless times, shaking up all the contents that I never bother to re-sort, because well, I don't use them.

Most of the beads in this box are from necklaces I bought in high school.  Things I purchased that I later thought, "Why would you ever buy that?"  The mystery is easy to solve - they must have been on sale.  Somewhere along the road, I decided to disassemble the necklaces, possibly to destroy the evidence of ever having owed such hideous pieces, and they found their way into this box.

For #JustStashJanuary, I decided it was time to do something about it.  I dug out the beads and my jewelry making materials and created a few random pieces of jewelry.

 The Wish Anklet.  Tutorial consulted here.
I prefer wish anklets rather than bracelets because they are more likely to fall off without me trying to fix them.  Usually they fall off and you don't ever notice, which is the true magic of the wish bracelet.
 Wrap Bracelet.  A little fishing line.  Some old beads.  Wrap around twice.  Tie. Done.
Friendship Bracelet.  Tutorial consulted here.
My friendship bracelet making skills have slipped dramatically since I was 12 but I still like all the colors.  Don't hate on how horrible I did.
Random necklace meet Random Charm.  Such a match made in heaven!

For more DIY Jewelry tutorials, check out these on my blog:
Friendship Bracelet
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Ruffle Tie Necklace
Or follow my Jewels Pinterest Board.

What have you made for #JustStashJanuary?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Joy Christmas Accent

"Joy" Accent

This little treasure is a quick and beautiful accent to any house.  These also make great gifts as all the supplies except for the alphabet letters are sold in sets. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 back!

#JustStashJanuary is back!  Time to clean out your craft supply storage and finally finish those projects stacked up in the corner!

Last year, I took the challenge and couldn't have been happier with the results.  Why not do it again?

Remember, you can only use craft supplies you already own, with the exclusion of adhesives.

This year, I'll also be publishing some blast from the past blog posts.  Before starting The Creative Cubby, I had another blog where I would post my projects for family and friends.  I'll be bringing those posts over from the old blog - as is, so get ready for some poor photography but fun projects!

You can follow along with my projects on Instagram @jen_evans_ or Twitter @creativecubby.  And of course, use the hashtag #JustStashJanuary or #CreativeCubby so I can see your projects too!

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