Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Golf Themed

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, 2013

I look forward to this week every year - not because I'm a teacher - but because my husband is.  You see, this week he gets flooded with cookies, candy and Starbucks gift cards... which always seem to make their way home to me.  Why?  Well, he likes sweets...but not that much... and frankly, he doesn't go to Starbucks {unless it is to get a Venti milk and a chocolate chip cookie}.  While I fully enjoy the fruits of his labor, it does make me sad that he doesn't get many gifts that are truly for him.  I have been compensating for this every year by buying him a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week that I know he'll love - like bow ties... lots and lots of bow ties.

Well, this year - I'm changing that.  This year - y'all are getting a Teacher Appreciation Week gift idea for those fabulous male teachers.  {At least, the ones that like to golf... I can only change the world one printable at a time.}

This gift is easy and inexpensive.  Just buy a mason jar, a bag of golf tees {or golf balls}, fill, print and tag!
I got 12 quart size mason jars at Walmart for $8 and a bag of golf tees is only about $3-4.

There are {SIX PRINTABLES} below - I upped the cheese-factor on a few of them, so pick whichever ones work for you.  They are jpeg files, so you can resize them at will.

**Note: I did not watermark these photos due to their style- however, they are protected by copyright and for personal use only.


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