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The Creative Cubby by Jen Evans is a crafting/DIY blog and handmade goods retailer.  Generally speaking, I come here to share my wisdom, thoughts, questions and curiosities about everything crafting.  My hope is the inspiration will spread and you will try your hand at something new.

All retail items are handmade by yours truly.  Each item is made with extreme care and may vary slightly from similar pieces.  What can I say?  I made it by hand – not with a machine.  My shop is hosted by Etsy here.

Growing up, my mother had a small set of drawers in her crafting corner that was just for us kids.  Let me first be clear that this “set of drawers” was really one of those cardboard sets that you buy flat and had to assemble when you got home.  You really have to love ‘90’s furniture substitutions. 

The best thing about these cubbies was they were designed under a “no-holds-barred” agreement.  Mom didn’t really mind what we did with the materials in the drawers.  They were filled to the brim with felt, lace, rope, markers, pens, glue, paper… everything a kid could need to make a mess explore their imagination.  Everything was ripe for the taking.  

I learned to craft in a world with limited boundaries.  Aside from the essential rules of crafting (i.e. don’t use Mom’s fabric scissors on paper), I explored different mediums and dove into projects regardless of my preparedness.  I recall late one night trying to make a skirt out of some stretchy fabric I found and a needle and thread.  I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out.  I also have another amazing memory of building an entire city out of paper using Nickelodeon cartoon characters as my residents and inspiration.

When I think back to my childhood, I always picture the cubbies.  (They were white with a blue checkered pattern.)  Because of them, I approach crafting fearlessly.  If an opportunity presents itself, I just dive in.  The materials are there… I’m curious… I’m inspired… I go for it!

As an adult, I have constructed my own interpretation of the cubbies.  My space is a full room and overflowing with creative cubbies.  In my household, we have the same “no-holds-barred” agreement, but of course, still honor the rule of selective scissor use.  Everything else is fair game.  Life is too short to be held back by rules and fear… The Creative Cubby doesn’t believe in fear.

It is my hope that The Creative Cubby will inspire you to take the leap.  Give a project a shot.  Try something new.  Learn something new.  Destroy a project and decide that next time, you’ll do it better.  Find your own interpretations of my projects.  So, I welcome you.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at thecreativecubby@gmail.com

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