Friday, October 19, 2012

Pinspiration Friday: DIY Halloween Costumes

I've seen a lot of adorable Halloween Costumes on Pinterest....
and some really scary looking ones.

Like this one...
Cool makeup but a little too much for me.
I made it small because it scares me.

However... here are some of my favorite clever/adorable
Halloween Costumes for Adults and Kids.

Beanie Baby

Edward Scissorhands

Sally from "Nightmare"

Seinfeld Costumes

Starbucks Drink

The Birds

Wayne's World
I can't get over this one.  Too cute!

Some of my other favorites from kids or parents we've seen at our door are:
Laundry Basket - Cut out bottom of laundry basket, attach straps to hold up, pile clothing all over the basket and the child.  The girl we saw had a sock on her head.
An Old Man - Blazer, cane, bald spot - hilarious!  The little guy even yelled at us for being "rowdy".
Legos - Cardboard box, plastic bowls, glue, spray paint.  This is great couples costume!  You can put the bowls on the front and on the back (just cut a hole in the back and put the bowl into the box)... and then you can fit together!
Green Army Man - Green army jacket and pants, green helmet, green gun, green face paint, and a green board to stand on for pictures.
Medusa - Dollar Store snakes glue into a headpiece (crown/hat), use a sheet to make a dress, do some killer makeup - awesome costume!!!

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes???


  1. Nice halloween costume ideas... Halloween is one of my favorite holiday... The decorations, crafts, Halloween costumes and all. They are so fun elements! Thanks for sharing ideas.

  2. That starbucks cup costume is so cute!

    I also feature some DIY halloween costumes. Feel free to check out my post featuring homemade halloween costumes too for more ideas and costume options. I hope they may help :)

    Happy Halloween!
    Homemade Halloween Costumes

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